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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Life is full of choices, and fortunately for you, the choice is yours, specially when it comes to what you wear. Seeing that celebrities are always in the eyes, let’s take a peek at what they prefer.
Now, me not being a lady and my knowledge about ladies’ attire being very limited at the best of times, I can only air my view and convey what I think as a man. It however is obviously merely my opinion and you have every right in the world to differ from me. I will however not run anyone down, or offend anyone, not intentionally at least, but if something is not my choice I will say so. If I do step on someone’s toes, then please forgive me.

Roselyn is wearing something that could double for a nighty in my humble opinion. Not that it doesn’t suit her, on the contrary, she looks stunning, but not for this occasion, maybe somewhere else more private….. had it not been for the ear rings, I would have thought she was ready for bed…… She however draws a lot of attention to her legs, which in my opinion is a good thing as she has stunning legs. I do however wish to add, I am no fan of sling-back shoes, don’t ask me why, I have no idea, I just don’t fancy them.

Here is an example of a well dressed lady, I have no idea who she is, so if you could put a name to her feel free to do so, but I would like to air my view, she looks stunning, not too much, just in the groove. Beautiful figure hugging dress, not too long, not too short either, stockings to add a might of elegance, and her shoes serve to compliment and round off her appearance in general.

Let’s conclude today’s discussion with another unknown young lady. Surely you will agree with me, she looks absolutely immaculately stunning, super sexy, elegantly dressed and neat, and legs, maybe a little too thin, but well accentuated by a short skirt and high heeled shoes. The kind of girl you can take anywhere as far as appearance go….. she has style, stature and her appearance demands attention!


Anonymous said...

whew~ those leggies sure are sexy!


I like this style myself. Great site!

Anonymous said...

Unknown girl is Chloë Sevigny!

Grumpy old man said...

Thanks anon, I only found that out after this post, but thanks for commenting.