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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Reading through some of the blogs, and listening to men talking, I cannot help but notice most men are prone to wanting to see women naked. Now I am no angel, make no mistake, I sin, maybe more than the next guy, and I don’t pretend to not look at woman, coz I do, and the day I stop looking when a sexy girl walks past me, that is the day they burry me.

You tell me, how can you not look when a girl dressed as neatly as these two girls walk past you?

I however also look at airplanes, but I have no desire to fly, honestly, I am sh*t scared of flying. My point is, just as I have no desire to fly, I have no desire to see another woman naked, or to sleep with her for that matter, but I will look, specially if she is dressed like Gwen here, as I favour woman who are well kept and sexily dressed.

If she has great legs like Pam, then of course it is a huge bonus!!

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