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Saturday, March 17, 2012


I believe almost no one is suppose to look ugly. It is a matter of choice. Lucky for girls there are countless ways of improving looks, and one of those is make up.

No, the girl in the picture is not just any girl next door, she is a celebrity without make up.

This is what she looks like after she applied her second face some cosmetics. Yep, she is Jessica Simpson. Amazing, isn't it. I would say almost unbelievable what can be achieved with some Mascara, base and lip gloss.

Here is another example of a celebrity without and with make up. Jennifer Lopez looks pretty average without her magic make up, yet with make up she has ample sex appeal and looks absolutely drooling hot.

Now being a male, it obviously is easy to talk, as we don't have to apply anything to look good, we were just naturally born good looking. ;) But in my humble opinion, make up for girls is an absolute must. I cannot imagine a girl leave her home looking anything less than her best.

It is a well known fact that Pamela Anderson is not aging well, and I love, sorry Pammy, to use her as an example. How she could appear in public looking like this is beyond me. Not a trace of make up, and she looks like sh scary. I would think with her financial ability she should have quite a few make up kits lying around on her dresser to dip into quickly before she pops out for her daily dose of ciggies.

Now I also love using Katy Perry as an example, but for different reasons. She is always, and I mean always, dressed to stop traffic. And her make up is always done to perfection. I am a eye shadow fan, blue preferably, and those red lips, man, she looks smokin' hot! Not to mention her sexy legs.(Now Katy, if you read this, next time, some red varnish on those nails please.)

Now it is your turn, what do you think, look like Pammy without her make up, or look like Katy with her make up, you let us know. I know my money is on Katy.

Enjoy your weekend and take care.


Hind said...

You are right! its magic. So many starts look nothing when they are seen outside shoping or hanging around. I guess what makes them look great is the spotlights they usualy use for photography, movies and tv shows. People should be fooled by that anymore :) beauty is in the heart

Good post

Style Porn said...

I would like to add that the magic of photoshop certainly played a starring role in Jessica Simpson's transformation above. Whoever is doing her airbrushing deserves a Nobel Peace prize. Don't believe everything you see!

Naomi said...

Yes makeup is magical....that is why I wear it everyday!
I love looking fun!

darsden said...

WOW, I need to change my make up and maybe I too could look like ... oh hell I can't even say it. LOve it :-)

kirafashion said...

girls are not the same with no make-up... :DDD

kisses my dear friend!

Matt Harvath said...

WOW!!! That was J-LO! Unbelievable. I can't believe the difference. I had seen pics of the others, but not J-LO without Makeup. I always thought that if I got the opportunity to bed her, I would wake up with her in the morning and she would look like a Goddess. Boy was I wrong! Sorry J-LO -- You can sleep with me, but you are out of there as soon as we are done!

Fashion Heaven said...

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