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Friday, March 30, 2012


I used to work with a guy, Johan. Now when ever Johan thought a girl was okay but nothing to really look at, kinda boring and everyday(ish), he would call her a Dusty. There are some celebs who I would also call Dusty. They are ok, but they just don't make me think, "Woooww" like some other do. One girl who I think is a Dusty is Reese Witherspoon. She looks kind of good sometimes, but then, most of the time she looks pretty average, but never really exciting and confident, no sex appeal to speak of. Let's look at this pic of her, I don't find her sexy, yet there is nothing wrong with how she is dressed.

Another girl I think is a Dusty is Jessica Biel, take a look at this pic, to me it is as if she's used no imagination when she got dressed, and her make up is definitely not something to go crazy about. To top is all, she looks kinda sorry to be there, no confidence. Sorry Jessica!

I might be on dangerous ground, but remember, this is my opinion, you don't have to agree with me. Mandy Moore I love, but like my sister.... she has no sex appeal and again, as seen in this picture, there is no confidence.Such a pity, because I really like her.

I think sometimes it is the way a girl is dressed, or the way she presents herself, that make her look dusty. Alicia Silverstone can look very sexy and can have loads of sex appeal, yet, in this pic she looks extremely dusty. No sexual attraction what so ever.

And this is what she can look like, confident, sex appeal, and sexy.

So, I think it mostly is the way a girl dresses, or the way she presents herself. What do you think? Dress sense, posture, attitude? I think all of the above is important. Now the mystery girl for today, who is she? It should not be difficult. She is normally mega sexy, dresses fabulously, has extremely sexy legs, and she is one of my favorites. Yet, not the ways she looks in this photograph! Don't know what she was thinking, maybe she was on a set, I don't know.

Let us know what you think. Enjoy your weekend.

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Lily Johnson said...

Lol at the word 'dusty'. I think every woman once in a while can appear dusty. I think i might look dusty now lying in bed in a dress that can't be called sexy and no make up.

Happy new month Colin dear. Missed your posts.

Anonymous said...

I´m agree whith your definition, sometimes one dress or one shoes makes the diference betwen an woooou!!!!!!! or a ok, she´s fine ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah!!!, Megan Fox, of course.

FashionJazz said...

Love the word dusty and I know what you mean... I think it has to do with self confidence, because they all kinda look like they don't it have that much so it does not show in those specific outfits :)

Have a awesome week! xx

kirafashion said...

I always love reese, she is a kind a sweet.. :DDD

kisses colin!

PIUSC! said...

Beautiful post darling! I follow you always with great pleasure ...
Skip to visit me, I have a new post .. and remember to follow me on Bloglovin again because I changed my blog address!

Greetings from Naples

trendy shoes said...

I have to agree with kirafashion on this one. There is something about Reese which makes you want to learn more about her.

None the less, great choice of words. I could see Dusty being turned into a brand if it isn't already out there.

k come karolina said...


xoxo from rome

Mesmerize said...

so great photos:) really great:)
please visit me in free time:)


just stopping by to say hello:)

Fre Fashion said...

I think they all look gorgeous!!!!!