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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Reading the guest (previous) post by Jackie Clark, made me realize once again how much those who are healthy should be grateful for. That obviously includes me. Everyday we complain about how fat we are, (that's me) how we don't like our hair, or legs, or face. And sorry to say, but it is mostly girls that complain. Men are normally happy with what they were born with. Yet, most of those who complain have a healthy body and mind. I believe that almost every person has the ability to look good. We were not all made stunningly beautiful, I realize that every time I look in the mirror, haha, but all girls have ways and means to look good. Next time you feel like complaining about your hair, boobs or face, think of those who desperately battle to stay alive, then start doing something to improve your looks.

If you are overweight, lose some kilos, if your legs are short and chubby, wear heels to make them look longer and thinner, if your hair is too curly, buy a straightener. or a wig Bear in mind if you were terminally ill with cancer, or any other disease, only a miracle can save you. Makes you think, doesn't it.

On a lighter note, I came across a pic or two of this girl, Irina Shayk, a Russian born model. She surely uses what she got to look lovely. Love her tan and those curly hair. She really has a pair of never ending, sexy, well shaped legs. But I'll bet my bottom dollar, if you asked her, she will complain about something she is not happy with.I will also bet you the guy in her life thinks she is a perfect 10!

The legs of Isla Fisher also caught my eye, long, well shaped and drop dead sexy.

Another angle of Isla, as you can no doubt see, guys will be drooling all over their shirtfronts with her around.

Another pair of stunningly shaped legs, Pia Toscano, American singer, flaunting her well shaped calves by wearing a short dress and heels. In my opinion her legs are her best assets, although there is nothing wrong with her looks as such. Fact remains, she just naturally puts the emphasis on the part of her body that really make you look twice.

I guess what I am trying to say is, if you have nice hair, but not that nice legs, put all emphasis on your hair, and wear a longer dress, or if you have stunning legs, make sure your legs will be noticed first by wearing a short(ish) dress and heels. If you have great boobs but lack in the legs category, wear a bright color, low cut top. That way you will subtly force people to first notice your best assets, and not notice the part you are not proud of.

Does that make sense? I know it is more than likely easier for a male to make this kind of statement, but then, men have more logic than women I think men first look at a girl's best assets and overlook the rest. I know my wife thinks her hips are too big, her boobs to small, stretchmarks all over, but when I look at her I see total femininity, a stunning face, sexy legs, a person who looks after herself, dresses fabulously, has sex appeal, and a brilliant personality.To be honest, she complained about stretch marks, and before she mentioned them, I had not even noticed them.
See for yourself. I think she looks stunning.

A lot said, now it is your turn, We'd love to hear what you think. Let us know.


janettaylor said...

Awhhh, what legs, especially the first two! Gorgeous post!

Tights Lover said...

I think you make some excellent points. Gorgeous photo of the mrs. You are a lucky guy!

Fashion Accessory said...

You look beautiful in the whirt dress.

Blogger said...

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