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Sunday, March 4, 2012


A new pair of legs on my blog, they belong to a strikingly beautiful young lady, Shantel VanSanten, American actress and model. As demonstrated in my previous post, not only long thin legs are sexy. Shantel also has strong, well shaped legs and especially strong calves.

Something about a girl wearing stockings and heels that will always make the average man's blood rush through his veins. The girl in the following picture really has what it takes. She is stunningly sexy, and she knows it.

As I was saying, stockings and heels, Sofia Vergara confirming the fact.

Katy Perry does not need stockings to make her legs look sexy. She is one of my favorite girls, and in my opinion she knows how to dress. Loads of confidence, loads of sex appeal.

I have no idea who these legs belong to, but they are the perfect picture of sexy legs. Great tan, great shape, emphasized by stunning ankle strap heels.

Guess that is all, let me know what you think of my choices.
I do apologize for my long silence, but I am having problems with my laptop, and it is still not fixed, so please forgive me if I don't always comment on your posts.
Hope your week is going to be filled with laughter and joy.


janettaylor said...

Those Loubs pumps are perfect!

Anonymous said...

I prefer the first one... mmmmmmm

~Frankie~ said...

Fantastic post as always Colin, I agree with you when you say there is Something about a girl wearing stockings and heels that will always make the average man's blood rush through his veins. We women know this and we are happy to make our male audience happy with that vision.


mempawah creation said...

wow... beautiful and sexy. good post

FashionJazz said...

Wow those chicks legs in the last pic are stunning!!!Wish myne looked like that :) Hope you get your lap top issues sorted out soon


Black Bow Tiie said...

Your post just gave me a great idea *.* Thanks!

Stylish By Nature said...

Great post !!

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Tights Lover said...

Gorgeous photos! I always love Katy Perry's style!

Matt Harvath said...

Love Those Sexy Legs!!!! Keep 'em Coming.

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